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Complete lines 1 through 17 for each property. But complete lines 18a through 21 on only one Form 8825. The figures on lines 18a and 18b should be the combined totals for all forms. Do not report on Form 8825 any of the following. Specify the type of property by entering one of the following codes in the Type column. Codes Form 8825 provides space for up to eight properties. Future Developments For the latest information about developments related to Form 8825 and its instructions such as...
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Who needs Form 8825?

This form is completed by partnerships and S corporations to report income, expenses, and deductible expenses from various real estate activities. For example, if a partnership or S corporation owns an apartment building and rents out apartments in it to individuals or other business entities, it should complete this form.

What is the purpose of Form 8825?

This IRS form is used to report the rental income of the partnerships and S corporations. The information is essential for a tax return and IRS officials will use it to calculate the amount of tax the partnership or S corporation should pay for a specific fiscal year.

What documents must accompany Form 8825?

This schedule is attached to Form 1065, Form 1065-B (Return of Partnership income) or Form 1120S (Corporation Income Tax return) depending on the type of the business.

When is Form 8825 due?

This form should be filed with the IRS when it is time to submit the related tax forms, 1065 or 1120S. The estimated time for completing this form is two hours. More time is required to collect all the necessary information and to file the file the form with the IRS.

What information should be provided in the Form 8825?

The taxpayer should add the following information:

  • Name of the taxpayer
  • Employer identification number
  • Address of the property
  • Rental real estate income (gross rents)
  • Rental real estate expenses (advertising; auto and travel; insurance; taxes; wages and salaries; legal and other professional fees; cleaning and maintenance; commissions)
  • Type of real estate property (single family residence; multi-family residence; commercial; land, etc.)

What do I do with the form after its completion?

The completed form should be filed with the local IRS office together with other required forms and schedules.


Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 8825
Instructions and Help about 8825 irs form
Hey and welcome to today's video blog my name is Mike whitbeck from the under a guy calm so today's topic is using the eighty eight twenty five to offset mortgage payments let's take a look we're gonna go over today so Fannie Mae guidelines be 3-3 108 or talk about rental income one of those forms of income is when what is the a 25 when you can consider it okay so we're gonna review that you know how does it apply to 1065 you 11 20s or the 1120 next we're gonna calculate how to calculate from he 25 what's the math and then what do you do with the income after you figured it from the 825 it is different than REO so it's a little tricky so working over that and I'm gonna show you a quick tool that you can use online it's free we're gonna be some free files for it to calculate real income loss and we're just gonna wrap it up alright let's get started right away with the training okay get the train started let's talk about the most important thing when can you consider that eighty twenty five this process is only when a borrower is personally obligated to a mortgage that is in owned inside of a 1065 or an 1120s does not apply anywhere else if you have a borrower that has a 1065 or an 11 20s and has you know an 88 25 there's a forty properties on there or one property it doesn't really matter it does not what we're about to talk about doesn't apply unless that mortgage for one of those properties on the 11:28 I'm sorry on the 88 25 is in the borrower's name that's the very first point if you don't have that this training is not for you okay all right now for this property anything like that so what is the e25 form well then a 25 is pretty much exactly like a Schedule II for a personal I'm gonna roll it over on the screen here so I googled one there real quick and what we have is you know there's a 25 you have the property address you know the pheromonal days person days like you're doing Schedule E and you can see down your gross rents all a lot of similar stuff that you see on your schedule II so in this other tab I've got a Schedule E and click that up real quick and you notice you know name of the property what's it for fair rental days you know I'm sorry rents received insurance things you can write off so when you look at these two let me click back DD 825 here very similar to a Schedule E so Bay it's a Schedule E for business days here so let me go ahead and shrink this out of the way so get back to our slides and okay so that's one eighty twenty five s we've got more in detail in a minute so when do you see an ad 825 it is only used it is used with the 1065 an LLC or a partnership and or you'll see within 1120s you will not see it within 1120 it's not part of that business entity okay 1120s can own it but they use a different form you know the IRS says that a t25 only is for the 1065 or 1120s of bottom line so it's four and so okay now let's get to the next slide and so what do we do now we go when we got a borrower that has personal...